Why Accountants Choose SmartCover

Disposable masks are 85% more expensive than reusable coverings. 

How is that possible? 

A pack of 10 masks almost matches the price of just 1 reusable mask. But what you have to remember is... for a disposable mask to be effective it must be discarded after every use. What does that look like in a normal day-to-day schedule? 

Exercise @ Gym : 1 Mask

Morning coffee pickup : 1 Mask 

8 hour shift : 2 Masks (switched during lunch break) 

Evening errands : 1 Mask 

Total : 5 Masks

SmartCovers are built from high-grade fabrics creating a durable, 100% reusable and easily washable mask. If worn every day (and washed accordingly) the average SmartCover maintains effectiveness, even with 65+ washes. Not only are they designed to last, but they also offer more comfort and boost protection to 99.5%. 

One SmartCover = 75 Disposable Masks

So are you really saving by delaying your SmartCover purchase? 


Get a mask that lasts. 

Experience strong immunity

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