Why Parents Trust SmartCover

"Sending my kids back to school was one of the hardest choices I've ever made. I knew how much they needed their classmates and teachers, but I was still terrified. Finding SmartCover made the transition easier for the both of us. It wasn't just a mask I trusted; it was a mask they genuinely enjoyed wearing. And it's the little things - in times like this - that make the difference."

Amanda Martinez | United States 

With schools re-opening (in different capacities) around the world, children who've been sheltered for the past 6 months are suddenly face-to-face with COVID19. Unfortunately, the study of the Coronavirus and children is still too novel to have any conclusiveness regarding how it effects the younger population. 

"I was scared for my children's health when they were outside ... but I was also scared for my children's health when they were cooped up inside. I was always worried. I learnt that as parents we have to find ways to protect our children that also bring peace to ourselves. SmartCover brought both." 

Benjamin Wylie | England

The unknown is the most dangerous feature of a pandemic and until further information is released one cannot be too careful. Parents around the world are getting creative with implementing safety measures that don't infringe (too much) upon the lives of their children. Though the task isn't easy it's' not impossible. 

"We tried everything. Forts in the living room. Skype calls with Grandparents. Hockey in the garage. At the end of the day the kids wanted - needed - to interact, explore and simply get out of the house. So my focus shifted to how we could make it happen ... safely. A medically approved mask that wouldn't stain or tear or stink after every trip outside became the priority, and SmartCover became the solution. 

Ella Côté | Canada


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