What's The Difference?

You've probably heard terms like "KN95" or "Surgical" thrown around when talking about masks. Have you ever wondered what it's all about? To help you make the smartest choice about your face protection we've broken down 4 different types of masks. 

1. Surgical (Disposable) 

Perhaps the most commonly used and widely known are the disposable surgical masks. They have the advantage of being 100% Tested but their harmful environmental impact poses a large disadvantage. Surgical masks are generous contributors to the 2 billion masks discarded each month.  

2. SmartCover  

Combining the medical expertise with a professional designing platform creates SmartCover. Enjoy a tested, 100% reusable and proven effective mask. Their contoured fit makes them a leader for comfort, breathability and an overall good experience.

3. KN95 / N95

Some individuals have opted to use KN95 / N95 masks as their form of protection. Unfortunately this depletes an already scarce supply needed for medical professionals. They are effective masks, but whether the public should have access to them is under dispute. 

4. Regular Cloth 

Unfortunately the varieties of cloth masks are too great to make a blanket statement regarding their quality and effectiveness. The risk with purchasing a mask from any old retailer however, is they often aren't tested and the design is geared for fashion not safety. Untested materials can also cause skin-irritations. 




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