What If Both People Wore A Mask?

“If I wear a mask and he doesn’t...does mine even make a difference? 


When you wear a mask you’re preventing any droplets created by talking, coughing, sneezing etc … from contaminating someone else. It also creates a barrier to protect you from the droplets released from another person. 

Unfortunately however, the droplets of an unmasked individual are freely released into the atmosphere. 

But what would happen if he wore a mask too? 

The chances of transferring infectious bugs via droplets would plummet! Think about it. 

Your droplets are suspended. His droplets are suspended. Your exposure to harmful diseases is inhibited by a mask barricade … and so are his. The chances of exchanging a virus would stoop to less than 1%. 

Who would you ask to wear a mask to make your world safer? 

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