The Story Of SmartCover

Where We’re From 

The idea for SmartCover originated in Italy. 

Experts from around the world quickly joined the team to propel the mission of providing quality reusable masks to everyone. The team is composed of members from Ireland, England, Italy, Canada, Brazil, India, Estonia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Portugal, Germany and many others. 

What We Do 

We are committed to providing effective, comfortable and reusable face protection. Part of our work includes our Buy-One-Give-One campaign, that donates a mask for each one purchased. 

Our team of researchers are tirelessly collecting data to help meet the needs of countries around the world. We stay informed on medical opinions, latest technology and recent research so we can improve the SmartCover experience. 

Who's It For 

A mask that’s safe and comfortable should be available to everyone. 

Our selection of SmartCovers currently protects children right to seniors. The diversity of our customers attests to the quality of our masks. You can find SmartCovers being worn by 

Carehome Residents 

Personal Trainers 

Transit Operators 

School Teachers 

Global Travellers 

Social Workers 

Office Workers 



And many more…

Why We Do It 

“See a need fill a need.” 

SmartCovers don’t just keep the people safe … they keep the planet safe too. 

By creating a supreme alternative to disposable masks we help eliminate waste and protect the environment. Additionally, everyone deserves to feel safe, look good and be comfortable. And that's exactly what SmartCover customers get. 

Experience strong immunity

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