The SmartCover Fit

Have you ever had a mask that slips down your face or slides off your ear? Or felt a big rush of air drift in from the gap in the sides and wondered, "Is this even effective?" Well...maybe not.

The effectiveness of a mask is largely dependant upon how it fits.

Slipping off the nose, loose straps and baggy sides all provide a generous entrance for harmful pathogens and bacterial growth. Similarly, masks that barely tip the nose and cut off mid-cheek do not provide adequate protection. 

So what is the perfect fit? 

The SmartCover Fit. 

  • Cheek-To-Cheek Protection. With a width of 6.5inches (in functional position. 10inches flat), the mask eliminates any shortages that act as bacteria doorways. 
  • Nose-To-Chin Protection. With a height of 5.5inches, the mask remains properly positioned on face and capable of providing optimal protection. 
  • Adjustable Straps. Masks need to be snug to avoid entry points and leaks. With adjustable straps, the mask can be modified to conform to the size needed. 
  • Noseband. To further assist with keeping the mask in functional position, a noseband is installed to tighten the grip around the nose. Don't worry, it doesn't affect your ability to breathe at all :) 

Protection is just part of the story with properly fitted masks. The other? 


When masks fit right you forget you're wearing them - and who doesn't want that? You can stop fidgeting to keep it in place and quit readjusting its position in attempts to make it less annoying. 

Skip the hassle. Get a mask that works the first time. 

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