The Planet Thanks You

From the litter that stain our streets to the masks that pollute our Oceans, the Plastic Pandemic could have consequences that last for many generations. 

But what if we could reverse the tragedy? And maybe, our small and simple acts made big and bold improvements? The good news? They do. 

There are over 129 billion disposable masks being discarded every.single.month. As you would expect, landfills and disposal facilities are struggling to properly treat this sudden influx of trash. 

But what about the masks that don’t make it into the bins? The ones that slip off wrists or slide out of pockets. Or worse yet … are intentionally thrown or left on sidewalks or beaches. What happens then? 

  1. Single-use plastics take at least 450 years to break down and decompose
  2. Toxins are released into the air that can be extremely harmful for the environment and its wildlife 
  3. Diseases left on used masks are transferred and spread to anyone who comes into direct contact 
  4. The masks get tangled around wildlife and marine life which can create life-threatening situations. 

When you use a reusable SmartCover, you aren’t just keeping yourself safe. You’re keeping the planet safe too. Thank You. 

Support reuse. 

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