The effect of COVID on the environment

When COVID lockdowns were first introduced, the Planet was quick to react. From the rapid drop in CO2 emissions to the halting of oil excavation, we witnessed a drastic recovery of the environment. 

But something else happened 

PPE began being produced, used and discarded at such an enormous speed that waste facilities were quickly overwhelmed. So while the Venice Canal might be crystal blue, and the Vatican revealed from the smog, the plastic industry holds a projected growth of 5.5% into 2021. 

With over 129 billion masks disposed of daily, it remains one of the highest contributors to the 12% waste increase. 

If projections remain, we’ll be facing a climate crisis in the wake of a pandemic.

And nobody wants that. 

While the purchase of a reusable mask may seem simple, the effects are significant...the importance huge.

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