No More Foggy Glasses

For people who wear glasses, masks can be a huge frustration. When the hot air leaks under the lenses fogging results. Not only is this incredibly irritating, it's also completely avoidable. 

Though the Internet is packed with suggestions on how to dodge this nuisance, nothing's going to work as good as Nanotechnology. 

Due to its ability to repel moisture, this unique material prevents any residue from sticking to the mask - and thus eliminates fog diffusion. The fabric is thick enough to protect against contaminants yet light enough to promote airflow - another contributing factor to fogged up lenses.

The placement of the glasses should also be considered when trying to create a fog-free experience. For starters, glasses need to be riding on top of the mask, acting as a seal to avoid any upwards escape of air. Secondly, masks must supply adequate coverage and be well fitted to prevent any shifting / slipping. 

Avoid the fog with SmartCover. 


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