Nanotechnology Explained

Nanotechnology is a very advanced technology that transcends into many industries. 

SmartCover uses Nanotech fabric to increase the performance of the mask. 

The Silver Nanoparticles are embedded in the nylon texture that inhibit bacterial growth and repel against pathogen entrance. 

Because Nanotech materials prohibit any micro-organisms build-up they are also odor-free.

The Silica Nanoparticles resist all moisture, creating a water-proof mask. This also reinforces its capacity to repel against any droplet-carried bacteria and viruses. While regular masks can accumulate a residue on the internal layer (from droplets emitted during speaking, coughing, sneezing etc), Nanotechnology fabrics prevent any moisture build-up

With so many unique defense properties installed in the material, SmartCover masks are capable of reducing material density while maintaining necessary protection. This promotes a very breathable experience to all cover-wearers. 

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