Inside SmartCover | The Shell

Each SmartCover is designed with 3 dynamic layers - each serving its own unique purpose. 

The Shell is the outer layer, acting as the first line of defense against harmful pathogens. High grade Nanotech fabrics are woven together and drafted into a secure framework that shields and prevents particles released through coughing, sneezing, talking etc. 

Embedded in the Nanotech material are Silver and Silica particles. These molecules create a SmartCover that is 

1. Water Resistant: More effective at combating contaminated droplets. 

2. Stain Immune: Easier to wash and maintain.

3. Odor Free: Stay hygienic and more pleasant to wear for longer periods.   

Because of the impressive ability ingrained in the fabric, the Shell is relatively thin and lightweight, promoting plenty of ventilation and easy breathing. The shape of the Shell is cohesive with all the rest - perfectly matched to the natural contours of the face.

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