How To Support Employees During COVID-19

The closets have been transformed into offices. The Tupperware converted into desks. And noise-canceling headphones have never been such a coveted possession. 

With a significant percentage of the worldwide workforce required to work from home, both employee and employer are having to make some drastic adjustments. 

How can employers take care of their employees in these difficult circumstances? There’s no one answer, which is why we’ll list several strategies that have been successful for others.

Check-in frequently 

This isn’t just to check deadlines and get progress reports. This is your chance to hear their challenges and gain understanding of how you can best support them during this time. 

Provide masks 

Perhaps your employees aren’t coming into an office, but masks are now required for many daily activities. Acquiring quality face coverings can be expensive - especially for families. This small gesture will speak volumes of your genuine care for your employees. 

Invest in home office improvements

People are most productive when they’re working space is organized and efficient. If you see an employee's performance deteriorate since working from home, make sure to inquire about their comfort in their working space. Offer - if necessary - to finance any necessary improvements. 

Maintain honest communications 

Several employers have warned against promising a ‘return to normalcy,’ when this is something none of us can predict. Be honest about what you do and don’t know. This inspires trust from your employees, who will eventually stop asking, “when are we coming back to the office?” 

Maintain team communications

Many individuals generally enjoy getting to work from home .... but after a while it can become lonely. It can also be difficult to tackle team projects with everyone so spaced out. Make an effort to maintain team communications so everyone stays informed on current projects and receives some sort of connection throughout their working day. 

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