How To Avoid Skin Irritations

One consequence of an industry boom is poor products entering the market without proper evaluation and regulation. 

Amongst these products are masks that cause skin irritation. The good news? A little knowledge can help solve the problem. Here’s what to look for to ensure your mask won’t inflame or harm your skin… 

Chemical Processing 

Many masks are treated with heavy toxins for sterilization purposes. Unfortunately, these toxins don’t stay behind in the packaging and weep from the mask during usage. Masks treated with safer products will eliminate this problem. 


Masks that don’t offer proper ventilation causing heat and moisture buildup. The result? Rashes, breakouts and inflammation. Proper contouring is essential for airflow. 


Many people could be allergic to certain materials, but until it’s pressed against your face for 8 hours a day may never have known. Organic linings are the safest bet. 

Artificially Treated 

Some masks lack the authentic quality to provide safety and compensate performance with artificial (and in some cases, harmful) treatments. A mask embedded with natural ability will prevent any irritating additives. 

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