Have You Ever Felt This?

Have you ever put on your mask and felt … different? 

Has your behaviour ever changed? Or has your attitude ever shifted? 

That’s because the physical act triggers a psychological response. For many, it’s a heightened awareness of the threat to their health and safety. 

Part of the reason you’re safer with a mask is more than its obvious protection. It has to do with the renewed attention that helps us make safer decisions. These include … 

  1. Social distancing 

  2. Washing hands 

  3. Sanitizing surfaces 

  4. Avoiding touching faces

Wearing a mask makes it easier to remember and follow the rules of safety. Whether we’re out running our daily errands or interacting with friends and family, a mask ensures we’re practicing essential safety measures. 

Just remember, it’s not the solo ability of the mask, but instead what the mask reminds us to do that makes it so impactful and important.

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