5 Lessons From COVID-19

With great challenge comes great growth. We can’t deny the hardships brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can certainly appreciate and celebrate the lessons it has taught us. 

  • The Value of Relationships 
  • We can virtualize most experiences, but little (if anything) can compensate for the power and love of human connection. 

  • The Beauty of Simplicity 
  • It’s amazing how slowing down has changed - and improved - our lives. More acknowledgement and gratitude has been expressed for things as simple as a hug. 

  • The Reality of Mental Health 
  • It’s real. It’s powerful. And it can affect any one of us. The stigma has begun to retire as individuals share - whether seasoned in or new to - their experiences. 

  • The Importance of Adaptiveness
  • Our world is frail. Overnight normalcy collapsed and individuals everywhere learned to create new and innovative ways to carry on. 

  • The Importance of Personal Awareness 
  • Everyone has certain activities or habits that keep them balanced and happy. Understanding - and maintaining those routines has proven its true value. 

    How has your life changed because of COVID-19? Are you wearing masks like these ones? Spending more times outdoors? Let us know :) 

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