10 Ways To Celebrate A COVID Christmas

The 2020 Holidays are going to look different for everyone. In some cases, we might even be celebrating alone. But just because things aren’t normal doesn’t mean they can’t still be fun! Get creative with some COVID-Friendly activities you and loved ones can enjoy this festive season. 

  • Do a bake off
  • That’s right. Send everyone an ingredient list and see what magic they can whip up. Want to make it exciting? Include exotic ingredients so participants have to get creative!

  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Regardless of whether the Holidays are filled with snow or sun, there’s plenty to enjoy in the great outdoors! 

  • Make a joint Holiday playlist
  • Music helps set the mood for any occasion. Invite loved ones to add their favourite songs to a shared playlist so everyone can hear the best hits of the holidays!

  • Watch your favourite Holiday movie … together 
  • A lot of streaming networks now let you enjoy a film with your buddy, regardless of how far away you are. Check with your provider to see if this option is available!

  • Enjoy the lights from the car window 
  • We all know a ritzy neighborhood with Christmas lights galore. So throw some blankets in the car, bring some hot chocolate, crank the tunes and enjoy a drive through the lights. 

  • Write letters 
  • Living in a virtual world can be hard after awhile. Bring things back to the good ol’ fashioned days with a handwritten letter. It’s bound to make anyone’s day a little better!

  • Sleep under the tree 
  • Did your Holiday vacation get cancelled? Who says you still can’t sleep somewhere new? Toss the pillows on the floor and enjoy a night under lights and the smell of pine needles. 

  • Host a virtual games night 
  • Have you ever heard of, ‘A Picture Within A Picture?” Or “Kahoots?” There’s plenty of online games available that can flare that competitive spirit and guarantee a good time for everyone!

  • Help a local charity
  • Nothing brings the Holiday spirit quite like helping others. Choose a local cause / charity you feel passionate about and look for ways you can help! 

  • Create a new tradition 
  • What better time to create a new tradition than when the old ones can’t be celebrated? Make it as random or sentimental as you like. The best part? You’ll always remember it as the true COVID Christmas.

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