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The mask of a lifetime! With more than 129 billion single-use face masks being disposed of monthly, the adoption of the reusable face covering has become less of a suggestion and more of a dire necessity to protect our planet.

These comfortable, one-size-fits-all masks are made to fit and feel great! With soft and stretchy ear loops and a cotton lining, everyone enjoys their SmartCover ... Effectively filter particles with face masks that are comfortable, eco-friendly and affordable.

Feel great. Look great. Stay safe. That’s how SmartCover works ...

For a mask that's more than just a fashion statement, Smart Cover's designs use a nano outer shell that's dirt, water and UV resistant for added protection, with an inner cloud filter that stops airborne particles in their tracks.

Now with Adjustable Ear Straps & Nose Bridge! >98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and AG+ antiviral layer.
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Anti Droplet Nanotech Shell

Water, dirt and UV resistant nanotechnology cotton acts as a barrier. Protects from droplets and coughs.

SMS Polypropylene Filter Medical Grade

Blocks even the smallest airborne particles while letting you breathe easily!

Ag+ Silver AntiViral Layer

Hypoallergenic and anti-pathogen cotton with nano-silver particles.

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Protects from Droplets
Antibacterial Fabric
Eco Friendly
Contour Design
Adjustable Ear-Loops
Certified Lab Tested
Water & Dirt Resistant
Nose Bridge
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The Impact of Disposables

450 year lifespan

It takes over 4 generations to break down a single disposable mask.

129 billion used each month

Single-use masks are overflowing landfills and disposal facilities.

75% end up in oceans

Littering pollutes our natural spaces, including the Ocean.

Toxins hurt the environment

Disposable masks emit chemicals that can harm eco-systems and wildlife.

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Made for everyone, everywhere

A mask for every task  

At School

Elementary and University students perform better when their mask is comfortable and fits properly.

At Work

We work long shifts. A breathable and comfortable mask makes wearing a mask a work better!

At Home

We're in and out all day long. Save time with an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean mask.

At Play

Children are happiest when playing. Let them get a little dirty with a stain-free and washable SmartCover.

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Why People Choose SmartCover

Made with you in mind

Unmatched Comfort

Adult & Kids Sizes

Soft straps for the ears and spacious coverage for the mouth and nose guarantees everyone enjoys SmartMask. The organic cotton lining is soft and chemical-free to prevent any skin irritation.

Anti-Fog Design

High Breathability

The high grade fabrics eliminate material density and congestion to create a lightweight experience. In addition, the exact contouring from cheek to neck creates a proper fit and promotes ample circulation.

Save Over 85%

Eco Friendly

Each mask is 100% reusable and easy to wash. Because of the embedded Silica particles each mask is stain-resistant. When properly cared for, SmartMask can maintain effectiveness for over 65 washes.

3-Layer Nanotech®

Water Resistant

The bacterial defense of SmartMask is amplified by its ability to repel droplets. This also includes the emission of moisture collected on the inside of masks from talking, coughing or sneezing.
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